Smoothie or lemonade?

Refreshing summer drinks go down well from the moment you set off on Holidays

Countless families all across Europe will be heading off on holiday over the coming weeks. Many will go by train. So the onboard catering service must be adjusted to appeal to this type of passenger.

Xavier Muller
Xavier Muller, Head of Sales & Business Development Train Services

While business travelers and commuters are usually happy with coffee, tea or water, families want summer specials. Once mom, dad and the kids have found their seats and the train has left the station, the whole family is usually already in a relaxed holiday mood. And people are often open to trying new things when they have time off. The range of food and beverage we offer, specifically assembled with the summer in mind, is designed to satisfy this curiosity.

That is why our LSG Sky Chefs team is serving fresh smoothies on Deutsche Bahn Intercity 2 trains, for instance. These are chilled, refreshing and simply delicious. They are also a satisfying treat right at the start of your vacation.

Meanwhile, our partner Columbus Coffee is offering a special lemonade on iDTGV trains in France, which is also refreshing and the perfect summer drink.

The products have been chosen to fit well with the summer season and the needs of holidaymakers. Our staff has also tweaked their service accordingly. Business travelers and commuters usually know exactly what they want and are looking for fast, efficient service. But when serving families, however, our colleagues have to cater for what the children want and accept that it may take a little longer for them to choose.

The fact is that the holiday mood is so infectious this time of year in Europe that our service team often also gets caught up in it and share in the fun passengers are having.

Best regards,

Xavier Muller

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