Food safety is our highest priority, the latest technology and science are our way forward

Improving the shelf life of our products helps both our customers and the environment

Autoclaving technology – from space to production

Autoclaving is the only reliable sterilization method that uses high-pressure steam and is, above all, the safest method. Water is heated in a closed pressure vessel, also known as the autoclave or steam sterilizer, and kills endospores with steam temperatures of 120 degrees Celsius for 120 minutes. The end product is germ-free, i.e. free of reproductive microorganisms in either their dormant stages or permanent forms (e.g. spores). Autoclaving also ensures the retention of as much vitamins and nutrients as possible.

Comparatively, products of the normal pasteurization process contain significantly fewer vitamins and nutrients. Thanks to the technology, the LSG Group can make complex recipes suitable for everyday use and send culinary delights almost everywhere – even outer space. The technology can also be applied for catering on earth to ensure that high-quality dishes have a long shelf life without refrigeration.