We provide everything you need to create an exceptional airport lounge experience

Earning premium loyalty through airport lounge services

At LSG Sky Chefs, we know how important the lounge experience is in earning and maintaining premium customer loyalty. We aim to bring our passion as a host who pampers, inspires and understands the needs of guests to your brands. Our airport lounge services include the full management of lounges worldwide and the food and beverages supply to a high passenger volume. We can oversee the management of First Class, Premium and Business Lounges.

We can provide basic food-and-beverage services or across-the-board lounge management – including cleaning, provisioning, maintenance, reception and more. Our experience in airport lounge guest care and our attention to feedback ensures a seamless positive impression of your brand.

 Reasons to work with us

  • Gain the loyalty of your premium passengers with customized lounge experiences
  • Benefit from our experience as hosts to lounge visitors worldwide
  • Create integrated concepts with us to cover all of your lounge needs
  • Make use of our smart, motivated and friendly staff who can bring a positive service culture to your lounges
  • Provide tasty, appealing meals and snacks, created by our highly talented chefs.

When it comes to the loyalty of your premium passengers, the experience in your lounge can be just as important as what happens on the flight. Our airport lounge services help you maximize the opportunity to pamper those special passengers and create a lasting impression.

From basic food-and-beverage provisioning to a complete premium-lounge management solution, we can put together the right package for you. Based on your lounge concept, which we would be delighted to support you with, we bring together our modular products and services to provide the solution you need. Food and beverage is, of course, a cornerstone in our product portfolio, but we also offer decoration and interior design, integrated quality management, harmonized equipment, service and hospitality, as well as lounge operations. All of our services carry a love of attention to detail to make sure that your visitors get the very best experience possible.

Absolute guest satisfaction has been the byword of LSG Sky Chefs from the beginning, making our Lounge Services a natural fit in our portfolio. Together, we can enhance your passengers’ premium travel experience by designing the prefect oasis from the stress of traveling. The ingredients for this are friendly and professional service and ample room for entertainment, relaxation, work, or enjoyment. Always addressing the individual needs of each lounge visitor, no matter what time of the day. Our lounge experts are on hand to share their knowledge with you and co-create a unique concept that perfectly matches your airline’s identity.

We work hard to make sure your lounge guests are well cared for because their satisfaction with the lounge extends to your brand. And we are committed to delivering a seamlessly positive brand experience from lounge to plane, every time.

Work with us to delight your passengers and customers with a new level of culinary and hospitality experience.

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