A world-class experience starts with quality catering

Quality is the basic ingredient in every LSG Sky Chefs meal.

We are proud to deliver products and services that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations every single day. We achieve this through our quality standards, which have received airline industry recognition in the form of a growing list of awards. A key component of this is LSG Sky Chefs’ longstanding Global Quality System (GQS). It ensures optimal performance and consistency in four critical areas:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • On-time delivery and assured safety
  • Product and process quality
  • Food safety and aviation security

This system has been developed and is continually improved to maintain our exacting standards along the entire supply chain. We adhere to strict safety and operational standards in our day-to-day operations, all over the world.

Quality managers across our worldwide locations conduct regular inspections based on the Global Quality System. To further safeguard the integrity of our processes, these are also checked and verified through a series of audits, some of which are conducted unannounced by external institutes, state and local authorities, customers and third parties.

Further awards

Our quality experts actively contribute to the development of industry standards, such as the World Food Safety Guidelines for Airline Catering. They also participate in technical committees (e.g. QSAI Technical Committee) and contribute to supporting lawmakers, for example in the drafting of new EU-wide legislation or changes to the FDA Food Code (IFSA Governmental Affairs and Education Committee). Food safety and HACCP manuals are updated at least twice a year, or more often as required.

Two-pronged auditing process

We take a careful two-pronged approach to ensuring our quality standards are met. Internal quality checks are carried out by the on-site quality manager, and our compliance to strict food-safety standards and other standards relating to services, aviation security, waste management and security is verified through unannounced audits conducted by independent quality assurance organizations, e.g. Medina or the Food Safety Institute FSI (subsidiary of German TÜV Süd).

Internal quality reporting system

All results of internal inspections and/or external audits are documented in the CAQS (Computer‑Aided Quality System) database and are part of the monthly quality report provided to senior management. Our production processes are fully analyzed and benchmarked against our global system, which allows us to put an appropriate set of checks and balances in place. This results in better quality assurance for our valued customers.

The LSG Sky Chefs Global Quality System is a broad set of activities and guidelines that includes:

  • LSG Sky Chefs food safety and HACCP standards
  • Ramp Safety and Transport Program
  • CAQS (Computer-Aided Quality System)
  • Monthly quality reporting
  • Corrective action management

LSG Sky Chefs is the reliable partner for airlines that need to consistently deliver innovative and best-in-class food solutions. We employ highly trained staff who adhere to stringent standards worldwide. But more than this, our advanced and finely tuned processes and in-house technologies are constantly evolving, setting new trends and are ahead of customer needs. Our operational specialists analyze every detail on a corporate, regional and local level to ensure that no opportunity to save additional time, expense and effort is overlooked. These internal and external experts are continually developing new techniques and solutions to adapt our operations to changing realities and further increase our flexibility, productivity and efficiency.

At LSG Sky Chefs, occupational safety is ingrained in our culture. Maintaining safe and healthy working conditions for our employees by eliminating hazards and minimizing occupational health and safety risks is our top priority. We strictly monitor our occupational safety standards in each market where we operate and thoroughly investigate every incident, with the goal of optimizing our performance in all areas. The standards we adhere to at all levels of the organization are set, followed and enforced by our leadership team.

LSG Sky Chefs is committed to preventing pollution, minimizing our environmental footprint and being conservative in our approach to resources. Aside from complying with all applicable regulations, we have also developed a “Think Green” corporate strategy. These guidelines provide a framework to ensure we consistently meet the environmental expectations of our customers and shareholders.

Work with us to delight your passengers and customers with a new level of culinary and hospitality experience.

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