As a catering company with a global footprint in almost 60 countries, we are aware of our impact and responsibility. Alone, we cannot solve any of those problems, but by working together and connecting experts, we can become an agent of change, enabling our customers to make their sustainable choices in the supply chain. Overcoming challenges also requires empathy and understanding. That is why most of our efforts start locally in our units and divisions.

After being the first company in our industry to track environmental data in 1994, introduce an environmental policy in 2008 and consistently contributing to the annual Lufthansa Group Sustainability Report, we see it as our responsibility to continue that tradition. We adopt a holistic view on the topic, clustering our activities into the three pillars of sustainability: Healthy People. Healthy Planet. Healthy Prosperity.

Our 2019 Sustainability Brochure Local opportunities. Global impact. provides a comprehensive activity overview across all the Expert Brands. Click here for a full list of our archives.




Alternatives to single use plastic in our product portfolio

25 +

Stock items re-used in New Zealand

10 Million

Planted in the environment week in Sao Paulo in 2018

6700 Plants

Participated in disability awareness training

1339 Employees

RiM’s parental leaves are paternal in 2019

60 %

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For any further questions regarding Sustainability, please contact Nils Taubert, Head of Sustainability Management, and Chief of Staff to the CEO.
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