AICA provides knowledge about how airlines can enhance their inflight products and services


Collecting feedback from passengers about the food consumed onboard can be tricky. However, with the help of technology and artificial intelligence (AI), we assist customers in improving their passenger satisfaction, cost efficiency and ecological footprint by providing the right meal and quantity. We collect the data and use our AI (artificial intelligence) to evaluate what passengers do and do not like about the offered food. Combining this data with further data and our years of airline catering expertise, customized recommendations and improvements can be prepared together with our customers.

Virtual TryOn

Virtual TryOn provides a new and innovative shopping experience for passengers and crews. Passengers lack the emotional connection when deciding on the purchase of onboard retail products offered by airlines as these products cannot be opened, touched or tested. With the help of augmented reality (AR) however, we have switched up the process. Virtual TryOn (VTO) enables passengers to try products on board before the final decision. The AR technology displays selected products, like a watch or a pair of sunglasses, accurately on a passenger’s wrist or face. Not only does VTO help airlines increase their sales potential, but the technology also creates an interactive onboard experience for passengers.