We provide ready-to-go meals and snacks to delight customers wherever they are.

In order to thrive in the lucrative and expanding packaged food market, retailers need a trusted partner who not only offers tempting and delicious food but can keep you on top of the latest consumer trends.

Drawing on over 70 years of culinary experience and a worldwide network of catering production facilities, the LSG Group can do just that.

Choose from our wide range of products, or work with us to devise bespoke convenience-retail solutions and food concepts ideally matched to your needs, image and customer base.

As a broad network with global reach and catering and logistics expertise, you can trust us to provide all the services you need – on time and every time. This saves you the worry, time, effort and expense of sourcing from different suppliers. We offer across-the-board services, from concept and fulfilment to logistics support and waste management.

Our customers include global grocery chains, global coffee chains, global gas stations, Asian food suppliers and global canteens.

We also specialize in the following sectors:


Serving airlines and delighting passengers all day, every day, all over the world.

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Work with us to delight your passengers and customers with a new level of culinary and hospitality experience.

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