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In-flight catering: Our core competence

Meeting the needs of the airline industry is what we’re best known for, and it’s still at the heart of our business today. For over 75 years, we as an airline catering company have influenced the ever-changing landscape of this exciting business alongside our airline customers. We have shaped this industry of flight catering for decades, and we continue to do so because we understand our customers’ needs, concerns and joys. We offer complete in-flight catering programs and bespoke airline meal solutions for every price category. These cover everything from premium onboard dining to full-tray menus and snacks. Our airline-catering menus meet and exceed our customers’ expectations every single day. We achieve this through our quality standards.

Reasons to work with us

  • Choose from our modular range of products and services to suit your individual needs
  • Make use of our broad and in-depth passenger insight
  • Integrate the latest trends into your products and services to attract and retain more passengers
  • Achieve service consistency with the largest network of catering facilities worldwide
  • Integrate operational requirements into your concepts, saving costs and making your crews’ lives easier.

Flight attendants play a very important role in passenger satisfaction. The best food with the most beautiful presentation can be negatively impacted if not served with the right level of attention, at the right time, or without the due knowledge about what is being served. We empower our customers’ crew members to deliver a supreme and seamless service. We equip them with all the necessary tools and training they need to have the confidence to perform at the highest level of in-flight hospitality.

Leveraging our extensive network and varied fields of business, we are developing partnerships with some of the world’s top ranked hospitality schools: Ferrandi, Un Tigre En Ville in France and Mahoul San Miguel in Spain. Crew training based on a 5-star hotel approach provides valuable insight into our customers’ crew service – and also offers the potential to attain an additional Skytrax star. This approach consists of adapting and applying the hospitality mindset to onboard service, as well as creating a guideline book for the crew based on the specific concept developed for our customers through on-site training. We host groups of flight attendants at our catering facilities, allowing them to visualize the complexity of the food production. The tour is followed by an explanation of the new onboard-service concept, a menu tasting, and a service rehearsal.

Our customer base – like our employees – reflects the diversity of the world. We work to consistently offer quality solutions that fulfill the required cultural, religious (e.g. halal, kosher) and other special dietary needs (e.g. vegetarian or vegan diets, allergies) of our customers and their consumers.

Understanding and respecting Halal, all over the world

As an international and multicultural organization, we are sensitive to the special dietary concerns of Muslim consumers. We have extensive experience in setting up and running halal production facilities around the globe. All of these facilities have experienced staff, carefully trained in the preparation of halal catering in accordance with our LSG Sky Chefs Halal Policy.

We also operate a number of halal culinary centers, which disseminate expertise throughout our network. Where possible, we also work with local Islamic organizations on an ongoing basis.

Work with us to delight your passengers and customers with a new level of culinary and hospitality experience.

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