The LSG Group Partners with Klimato to Introduce Climate Impact Transparency in WTCE 2024 Menus

Frankfurt, Germany – The LSG Group, a leader in onboard products and services for the travel industry, announces its partnership with powerful food sustainability solution Klimato to enhance its sustainability efforts. As part of this collaboration, the LSG Group will introduce Klimato labels on menus showcased at the World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo (WTCE) 2024, providing customers with transparent information about the climate impact of their meal choices.

Using its vast science-backed database and accredited Life Cycle Assessment methodology, Klimato will help the LSG Group measure the environmental impact of its food products. This data will be displayed on menus, categorizing the carbon intensity of each dish as Very Low, Low, Medium, High, or Very High. By incorporating Klimato labels, the LSG Group will empower customers to make informed decisions aligned with their environmental values.

Simon Frischemeier, Head of Operational Excellence and Sustainability at the LSG Group, underscores the importance of our partnership with Klimato. “Collaborating with Klimato enables us to offer customers clear insights into the environmental impact of our menu items, aligning seamlessly with our sustainability targets for 2030. By integrating Klimato labels into our WTCE 2024 menus, we proactively advance sustainability in the travel industry.”

Rodrigo Saraiva, our Senior Culinary Excellence Manager for Latin America, highlights the value of Klimato’s technology in tracking emissions throughout the entire life cycle of food products, from sourcing ingredients to arrival at our facilities. “This data empowers our culinary teams around the world to understand the environmental footprint of each menu item, enabling informed decision-making and classification of menus based on carbon footprint. Moreover, it fosters transparency with our customers, cultivating trust and collaboration.”

Anton Unger, CEO and co-founder of Klimato, applauds the LSG Group’s commitment to sustainability: “Klimato is the easiest way for businesses to demonstrate that they’re prioritizing sustainability.

Attendees of the WTCE 2024 are encouraged to note the inclusion of Klimato labels on the LSG Group’s menus, underscoring the company´s commitment to sustainability. This initiative aims to empower customers with transparent information, facilitating informed decisions aligned with environmental responsibility.

The WTCE 2024 takes place at the Hamburg Messe in Germany, May 28-30. The LSG Group stand will be located in Hall 1A Stand 1E20.


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