The LSG Group and The Vegetarian Butcher partner to create plant-based meals with meat alternatives

Frankfurt, Germany – The LSG Group and The Vegetarian Butcher are thrilled to announce a new partnership at this year’s World Travel Catering & Onboard Service Expo (WTCE) in Hamburg, Germany. The collaboration aims to bring one of the most important food and nutrition trends of our time up into the air and on the trays of the LSG Group’s airline customers: Plant-based and vegan meals made with meat alternatives that are tasty and do not let consumers feel like they are missing out on anything.

“The partnership is a perfect way to help our customers improve their net promoter score (NPS) and customer satisfaction by serving what their passengers desire,” says Sven Pawelka, Head of Partnership Management at the LSG Group, pointing at The Vegetarian Butcher’s connection to Unilever Food Solutions, dedicated supplier for the food service industry. “Global networks and brands renowned for sublime quality and innovation power are coming together to support each other in an international business. This is a perfect match.”

The LSG Group plans to offer its customers the ability to cater to passengers on a vegetarian diet, as well as flexitarians and meat lovers – thanks to The Vegetarian Butcher’s broad range of plant-based products that allow people to continue to enjoy their favorite meat dishes without giving up the taste or texture. Paired with the knowledge and understanding of the LSG Group’s Culinary Excellence Team in making complex food flyable, creations that have never hit the skies before now become possibilities.

“Together, we will be exploring how the future might look like and where to realize first joint projects with customers,” says Pia Fernekes, Manager Partnership Management at the LSG Group. A first taste of the partnership will be delivered at the WTCE, hall 1A, stand 1E20, where The Vegetarian Butcher is set to support the company’s booth party with plant-based bites from different international cuisines, joining in LSG Sky Chefs’ culinary guiding theme, “Flavors of the World.”

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