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We deliver packaged food that airlines need and customers desire

The latest market trends in packaged food – delicious, hygienic and safe

Airlines that want to offer a delicious and practical meal on-the-go do not have to look further than our pre-packaged food solutions. Based on consumer feedback, we create innovative, tailor-made food packaging containers at various price ranges. As a trusted partner who offers tempting and delicious food produced by internationally known brands, we can keep you on top of the latest consumer trends and help create special moments onboard.

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Reasons to work with us for your packaged onboard meals

  • We create products that tell your story, or we find the right food packaging solutions to promote your brand
  • We represent well-known, trusted brands offering the most tasty and popular products to the travel industry
  • By constantly looking into partnership opportunities, we improve the end-consumer’s experience
  • We monitor the latest food trends based on thorough market research to surprise and delight you and your customers
  • Our food packaging solutions and packaged food products can be offered under our own brands or as a private label
  • We think food and snack packaging should have a high usability factor, while being appealing, hygienic and eco-friendly
  • We take a consumer-centric approach
  • We guarantee punctual delivery thanks to our worldwide, tried and tested logistics network
  • We help you save costs while making your crews’ lives easier and your passengers happy

We work with many of the world’s leading airlines, convenience stores and coffee-shop chains. This provides us with an in-depth understanding of consumer needs. Combined with our global production and logistics network, this puts us in a unique position to develop and deliver the right packaged food solution for each of our customers.

Always on the hunt for what is new in the changing global markets, we watch out for developments in customer needs, lifestyles, new technologies and much more. Seen especially in the food and beverage industry, disruptive new trends have a significant impact on customer expectations, for example regarding sustainable food packaging. By analyzing and understanding them, they become part of our daily lives. We embrace the opportunity change brings to deliver relevant, customer-centric and delicious culinary experiences.

We know our time-critical food and catering business inside out. Our proactive forecasting enables us to choose packaged products economically while finding creative and inspiring solutions at the same time. Thanks to our understanding of our manufacturers’ capabilities and strengths, our close collaboration with customers and our expertise in supply chain management, we can get the right product to the right place in the most cost- effective manner – which proves advantageous when it comes to sustainability and cost.

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