LSG Sky Chefs delivers world-class airline catering, food and services

LSG Sky Chefs is best known as one of the world’s largest airline catering and hospitality company.

While a recognized name in airline catering, LSG Sky Chefs also supports airlines with a wide selection of related services. These include lounge catering, hospitality, airline consulting, and last-mile logistics. Driven to create unrivalled culinary experiences for people on the go, LSG Sky Chefs offers complete airline catering programs and bespoke food solutions for every price category. These cover everything from premium onboard dining to full-tray menus, meals and snacks.

American in origin, Sky Chefs was founded by American Airlines in Texas in 1942, making it the oldest independent caterer in the world. In Germany, LSG was founded by Lufthansa in 1966 as an independent company. After establishing a strong market presence for Sky Chefs across the United States and Latin America, LSG first acquired a stake in the company in 1993. Already back then, the two companies started to market their airline catering activities under the “LSG Sky Chefs” brand. In 2001, LSG fully acquired Sky Chefs. Since then, LSG Sky Chefs has continued its global expansion primarily through joint ventures and partnerships throughout Asia and Africa. Today, LSG Sky Chefs delivers over 308 million meals a year and is present at 131 locations in 49 countries.

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