And … Action, Please!

You think you have a boring train ride ahead of you? Surely not, if Marine Secondé is onboard

Marine is the LSG Group’s person in charge of activities onboard the TGV trains. She creates special moments so that passengers can experience a unique train ride on trips from France to Italy.

One example is a certificate that children could earn during the summer vacation season for being a “Perfect Passenger” in premiere class. The idea behind it was to keep kids occupied and entertained during the train ride. The certificate was awarded by the baristas onboard. On other classes, it was handed out by the train ticket collector. A win-win-win situation for kids, parents and crew alike – and in the middle of it: Marine.


So, how do get your ideas for these activities?

First of all, I check the calendar and look for special dates or events. Halloween, Mother’s day, Christmas and Easter are the most obvious dates for which you can plan promotions. But you also have the seasons, festivals and other holidays. But most of the time, I talk to passengers about their experiences during train rides. Based on this, I develop ideas on how entertainment onboard can make time fly until you arrive at your destination.

What are the main challenges you encounter in organizing such events?

Keep in mind that we are on a train. The train is moving and passengers are coming and going. So, you have constant motion and, as you all know, limited space. So my main challenges are in the areas of logistics and timing. Usually, I have a maximum of 20 minutes to get the decoration done. To store material needed for the event is also a challenge as there is just no space allocated for such activities in a train galley. But I manage and like those challenges because they make me think more creatively.

Do you get any feedback from the passengers?

Yes! I join the events and also address the passengers directly to get their instant feedback. This kind of entertainment only works successfully if you keep the passengers’ needs and tastes in mind. So, feedback from passengers, our crew and, of course, our customers is essential in order to continue doing my job well.

So, if you board a train from Paris (Gare de Lyon) to Milan, watch out! You may see Marine onboard and realize that something fun is about to happen.

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