Overwhelmed consumers are seeking guidance

airport-shopping-assistantGoing to the supermarket today is for many consumers an overwhelming experience. The sheer abundance of food options available makes it difficult to select “the right” items, also when it comes to healthy eating.

Guidance at the grocery store

Some retail chains are making it easier, however, for shoppers to find their way. At Whole Foods in the U.S., for example, customers can rely on a multitude of online recipes, healthy eating tips, kid-friendly meal guides and a complete overview of store products and ingredients in order to provide greater orientation when shopping.

In Germany and in parts of Europe, places like “Koch Haus” are gaining popularity, offering “grocery shoppers” a more hands-on, culinary experience. Consumers walk-in and are guided through various dishes for purchase that day, and are given just the ingredients needed to make that particular dish either fresh at home, or right in the store with friends.

Pre-order and delivery options becoming more popular

Other companies take the idea one step further and allow customers to pre-order a variety of dishes online and have the fresh box of ingredients delivered directly to their home for making.

This trend of “guidance” is also manifested in the airline catering world. For example, many passengers have the option to pre-order their first choice meal in advance of the flight, making it easier for them to plan their journey by knowing exactly what they will eat on board.

Airline meal options should continue to reflect broader trends towards healthy eating and a more guided, simplified approach to decision-making. Above all else, passengers continue to look for choices that are befitting of their individual lifestyle, and customized to fit their needs.

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