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How our Culinary Excellence Team came up with an innovative inflight menu

Flying is exciting – looking at the clouds from above, floating between time-zones and anticipating the touchdown on another continent. However, many people would agree that flying has some drawbacks, like getting jetlagged and sitting down for too long in a dry plane cabin.

LSG- Superfood
With a little knowledge about the conditions on board and the effects of certain (super)foods, every passenger can use them at their own advantage

Everything on a plane influences our travel experience as a passenger. So when entrusted with the task of developing an innovative inflight menu for LSG Sky Chefs, the LSG Group’s Culinary Excellence team focused specifically on the demands of frequent flyers and asked themselves the question “How can we make a frequent flyers’ long-haul flight more comfortable by means of food?” Well-versed chefs from the airline industry came together with dieticians in order to combine their fields of expertise in creating meals that do not only taste great onboard, but also have an impact on passengers’ wellbeing.The result is a meal concept called FlyYourVeda®*, the meals of which are adjusted to the body’s demands during a flight, as well as the conditions of the plane cabin.

From a frequent flyer’s experience

The initiator of the FlyYourVeda® meal concept, Jörg Tüttelmann, VP of Culinary Excellence at LSG Group, conceived the idea from his personal experience as a frequent flyer. He realized that after eating you can feel bloated when traveling by air, and sometimes a meal keeps you awake during a night-flight, or vice versa, makes you feel sleepy during a day flight. Not quite what one is looking for on a business trip, for instance, when you need to get a few things done inflight and want to arrive at the destination feeling fit and energized. “As a frequent flyer, I know this feeling from my own experience and thought that I, as an airline catering expert, need to do something about this. My goal was to let passengers choose a meal that responds to their bodies’ demands inflight.”

Developed to fit the conditions of a plane cabin

The meal concept has thus been adapted to the dry air and the lower air pressure of the plane cabin and to meet the requirements of passengers who frequently fly long-haul. The menus are based on easily digestible, nutritious, high-quality foods that contain additional plant proteins. The ‘activating menu’ is designed for daytime flights and includes superfoods such as berries and seeds that promote concentration and support cognitive activities on board. The complementary ‘relaxing menu’ has been especially prepared for night flights to encourage passengers to relax during the flight and to get a good night’s sleep. The menus were tried for the first time in April by visitors of the World Travel Catering and Onboard Services Expo (WTCE) in Hamburg.

*Excited to find out more about FlyYourVeda®? Stay tuned on this blog!

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