What is FlyYourVeda®?

Interview with a nutritionist about the effects of healthy meals on board.

Bernadette Murg combines her expertise in healthy food with her passion for travelling.

We recently published a post about FlyYourVeda®, an innovative inflight menu that promotes wellbeing during and after a long-haul flight. To find out more about FlyYourVeda, we talked to Bernadette Murg, a nutritionist working for LSG Group’s Culinary Excellence Team.

What does FlyYourVeda stand for?

BM: FlyYourVeda stands for ‘Vitality’, ‘Energy’, ‘Dynamism’ and ‘Adaption’. The word Veda comes from Sanskrit (Old Indic) and means “knowledge” or “wisdom”. The FlyYourVeda concept aims at supporting a healthy lifestyle on board. “You are what you eat” is a notion that is becoming increasingly popular and we want to support passengers in knowing that they are eating a meal that is good not only in terms of taste but also doing good for their body – even (or especially) at 10,000 metres above sea level.

Which components of the FlyYourVeda menus activate you, or help you to relax respectively?

From the relaxing menu: Kick back with a spoonful of harmony – brought to you by a creamy soup of black salsify with a pinch of nutmeg.

BM: As a concept, FlyYourVeda is unique. The ingredients for the FlyYourVeda menus have been chosen with the condition that they have a positive effect on the body, taking into consideration the conditions which affect our physical well-being during a flight (such as lower air pressure and dry air). Both the energising and calming FlyYourVeda menus are based on healthy eating recommendations and contain easily digestible food. Foods considered “superfoods” due to their high nutritional value are also incorporated to provide a boost during daytime flights. They deliver an extra portion of vitamins, trace minerals and other nutrients which help improve physical performance. When it comes to relaxing, the right selection of foods can support passengers during the relaxation phase which is essential for a peaceful sleep. These are mainly warm components and meals that contain largely vegetable protein.

How much of an impact does food really have on us during a long journey?

BM: Food is of major importance to our health and well-being. However, it also sets our daily rhythm according to our usual (eating) habits. Food can affect how well we sleep and help our body regulate its temperature. On long-haul trips in particular, our body has to work hard to adjust to the new conditions and the time lag each time. The food – especially in-flight – is one of the few areas where the passenger can make a choice to help their body deal with the conditions onboard (and beyond) and to lay the foundation for a more pleasant journey. The time-lag, for example, is nothing that we can influence as passengers.

What do you yourself consider before choosing a meal during (and even before) a long flight?

From the activating menu: Boost your performance with a savory breakfast of wholegrain bread, avocado and egg, optionally sprinkled with seaweed.

BM: Fresh and cooling, as well as warm and easily digestible – these keywords best describe my current considerations when selecting a meal for a long-haul flight. Fresh food is important to me, even on board. This might be finely chopped cucumbers and cocktail tomatoes, or fruit for dessert. I like the cooling effect of fresh food – especially on long journeys. Looking at the in-flight selection on offer, I also try to choose meals with well-balanced proportions of protein, grains and vegetables that will sit ‘lightly’ in my stomach. Apart from that, lots of fluids, especially warm drinks, are a must for me on any long-haul journey.

What is your favourite ingredient on the FlyYourVeda menu?

BM: The FlyYourVeda concept is set apart by its combination of many consciously selected components. I have no clear-cut favourites here, as every component in a FlyYourVeda meal has its benefits. But there are FlyYourVeda components which I enjoy in everyday life as well, such as avocado, rolled oats and berries.

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