March #perspectives: Our Beef Bobotie means South Africa in six Bowls

Watch as Chef Mduduzi Nkoski (South Africa, EMMA) prepares his version of the South African signature dish, the bobotie

For March, we are proud to present Chef Mduduzi Nkoski and his dish: the Cape Malay Beef Bobotie. Hailing from South Africa himself, it only makes sense that Chef Mduduzi’s debut dish on the LSG Group Calendar 2019 is a signature of the country.

The recipe was brought to South Africa by the Dutch and has gone through slight variations to become what it is known as today: a baked dish consisting of spiced minced meat. Usually served with “yellow rice”, or rice that’s been seasoned with turmeric, it’s then topped with a baked egg mixture that adds complexities to the texture of the dish. And while it can be made with pork, today’s recipes often call for beef or lamb.

As part of the Global Culinary Excellence Academy, Chef Mduduzi prepared and presented this dish for the LSG Group Calendar 2019. Watch the video to see how he assembles and creates his version of a bobotie.

In case you missed the January or February edition of our series, feel free to take a look.

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