Motivating and engaging experiences for cabin crew to increase sales onboard

We drive onboard sales by providing crew engagement strategies

Crew members are, perhaps, the most influential part of a passenger’s experience onboard. That is why it is so important that they are well trained and prepared to facilitate the inflight service process. Our international team of award-winning trainers delivers a unique training experience to engage and motivate. They focus on techniques that increase sales onboard and prepare the crew to use new technology. We design training content that meets our customers’ specific needs and empower crew members to drive onboard sales and service.

How do we do this? Our world-class training is delivered in the form of videos, roadshows, test flights and online modules. We also offer advice and tools for culture and change management to enable crews to perform their best. We aim to excite crew members and enable change through specially-designed posters and videos, crew handbooks and roadshows to engage with crew directly and answer questions.

We provide full crew engagement strategies for airlines. We drive onboard sales by developing, managing and promoting crew incentive plans with alluring prizes and rewards. We assist our customers with the set-up of new crew commission models and processes, and advise on best practices for reconciliation management. We also offer an outsourcing solution for airlines in which we manage the full reconciliation of all flights and payment to the crew members. Our highly skilled team provides support and ongoing crew commission management consultancy.

For airlines looking to radically increase onboard sales, we have developed a solution to support you with an additional, fully-trained crew member onboard. This crew member brings extensive sales and retail experience to enable you to increase onboard ancillary revenue and train your crew in real-time.