Fully integrated solutions for pre-orders, covering the complete passenger journey and supply chain

We offer solutions that cover all aspects of the passenger journey

The passenger journey starts with product choice and ordering. Our solution fully supports this portion of the journey by providing a portal for pre-orders on your website that fully integrates with your booking engine. The Pre-Order Business Rules engine allows an airline to determine and control the pre-order options and availability of products to passengers. Rules can be determined by locations, aircraft types, classes, destinations, stock, current loadings and more.

Vector Pre-Order is our comprehensive, end-to-end pre-order solution that covers all aspects of the passenger and supply chain journey, including the control of products and prices. Its core features include:

  • An extensive business rules engine
  • Two-way Application Programming Interface (API) service to external systems
  • A full overview of all current and past pre-orders
  • Products displayed for relevant flight
  • Required labeling information presented to the packer
  • View of all pre-orders on Point of Sale (PoS) devices
  • Seat map functionality

We use Passenger Name Record (PNR) for identification and offer the ability to either pre-pay or pay on board.