We know how to create and select onboard retail food, beverages and boutique items

Handling details so that our customers do not have to

Our team has the know-how to select the food, beverages and boutique items that your passengers will want to buy. We source those products and manage the supply chain from selection to delivery. Using our proprietary software, our operations team manages inventory and organizes logistics so that you can feel confident about having the right products on board. We use trend analytics, consumer insights and our extensive experience to custom design onboard retail offerings that passengers love. By taking the guesswork out of category management, we are able to consult our customers in selecting a range of products that match their brand identity and meet their passengers’ tastes and preferences.

Our expert Procurement Team specializes in getting the right products for the right prices. By working with distributors and through direct sourcing, we get exactly what you want on board. Our portfolio of exclusivity agreements also gives you access to premier products that you can’t find anywhere else. We source ambient, frozen and fresh meals, drinks, retail products and duty free items.

With our proprietary software and network of distribution centers, we manage the entire retail supply chain for our customers. Our customers’ major concern is having all of the products they need exactly when they need them. That’s where our operations team comes in. We manage stocks and inventories so that our customers’ flights never go without.

We have expertise in compliance management in Europe and beyond. Our Vector system tracks where your stock is, where it is sold and how it is stored and transported. We make legal compliance and documentation our concern so that our customers do not have to. The customer is our focus at Retail inMotion. That is why all of our customers have a dedicated Account Manager to consult them on how to further improve their onboard retail programs. We look at our customer’s brand identity, strategic direction, ancillary revenue goals and existing sales data to constantly identify ways that they can improve onboard sales.

Vector, our proprietary IT software suite, tracks all appropriate information needed to make your onboard retail program a success. With our Point of Sale solution, we collect relevant data about what is sold on board to manage our customers’ commission schemes. Our dedicated finance department navigates the complexities of country-specific tax laws to appropriately manage customs and VAT regulations for onboard purchases.