What real flying could be like

airline-catering-business-classI fly a lot – you’ve probably noticed. But although I’ve always considered myself a pretty frequent flier, I discovered last week that I had never actually really flown before at all. Why? Welcome to Business Class, my friends. I can’t say I quite understand how I got that upgrade, but I felt it rude to question the flight personnel’s intentions as she handed me a new ticket from behind the counter at gate A35 before my flight to Los Angeles. Priority boarding? Don’t mind if I do!

Playing it cool while casually checking out the view and legroom from seat 8A, I watched as men and women in suits and business demeanor set up their workstations and switched their smartphones to airplane mode. I controlled my awe and excitement when a fleet of flight attendants floated down the broad aisles offering passengers ‘a small welcome’ in the form of non-alcoholic or even alcoholic drinks.

It was silly to stock up so early. Soon after I abandoned my plan to sleep through the whole flight (am I really going to take a snooze when I could be watching behind the scene footage of that new George Clooney movie coming out next month?) the flight attendants again came around, this time distributing a – wait for it – full menu filled with mouth-watering dishes and large choice of complimentary wines, juices, sodas and spirits. She told me that airline caterers like LSG Sky Chefs develop unique dishes for Business Class passengers – and I was eager to taste the difference. After verifying that the tray table was in fact big enough to fit all my desires, I placed my order.

The food was catered to me on shiny sparkling silverware, and I ate every last bite of my lemon seared sea bass and garden vegetables. Business Class flight attendants also seem to be expertly trained mind readers, and magically appeared by my side with that hot towelette I didn’t even know I needed. And I guess maybe I didn’t really need it – any of it. But that’s what flying could be like every time.

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