Discovering Tokyo and Her Food

Culinary city guide: Deputy Director Krishnamoorthy guides us through the different kitchens of the Japanese capital. The Land of the Rising Sun is a mecca for food lovers. He has been with Cosmo Airline Catering, a joint venture with the LSG Group, for four years. His favorite dish is Rasam and Rice, which is a special tomato soup.


Bakery: Kozunomori Lyon Boulangerie

This bakery is so good it is usually packed from early morning until the afternoon. You can sit outside on their deck and enjoy one of their many pastries. It is well known for its seasonal products, plus they serve an array of breads, pizzas and desserts.

286-0048 Chiba-ken, Narita-shi, Kōzunomori, 1 Chome−24−9, Tokyo

Lunch: Pizzeria E Bar Legame

I really like this Italian restaurant, which is open for lunch and dinner. Most of the items on the menu are authentic but with a bit of Japanese infusion, such as peppers or soy. They offer freshly baked pizzas made in a traditional oven and a good selection of Italian and Japanese wines.

4-12 Kozunomori | 1F Co-Z East D Bldg., 286-0048 Narita

Dinner: Kinuoya

The restaurant is located in the outskirts, surrounded by nature and really worth a visit. They serve traditional Soba (Japanese buckwheat noodles) with a soy broth called Dashi, accompanied by tempuras, green tea salt & Japanese mixed pepper.

285-0913 Chiba Prefecture, Inba District, Sumi 97−1, Tokyo

Bar: 300 Bar

Though it’s situated in the typically high-end suburb of Ginza, 300 Bar is one of the cheapest you’ll find in the whole city. Here, every drink and food item costs an incredible 300 yen, plus sales tax. There’s also no cover charge. This is the place to enjoy the cheapest night out in Tokyo.

8-3-12 Ginza | Ginza Kaga Bldg B1F, Chuo 104-0061, Tokyo

Entertainment: Shimbashi station

The main entertainment area of Shimbashi is SL Plaza, accessible from the Hibiya Exit of the station. Particularly at night, this is strictly drunken “salaryman” territory, full of karaoke and other types of bars. However, there are plenty of more relaxed streets besides this main one. In fact, Shimbashi has a wide range of traditional pubs and restaurants, both Japanese and Western, including an Irish and an English pub.

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