The LSG Group launches sustainability strategy with seven targets

The LSG Group has published its sustainability strategy, focusing on seven key topics in accordance with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. This includes global targets for 2030, as well as corresponding key performance indicators (KPIs) for the material topics they prioritize.

These material topics were identified in a materiality assessment considering the perspectives of relevant stakeholders, and are thus central to the strategy of this leading provider of catering services. For each material topic, experts from the responsible function(s) defined a strategic target for 2030 that they have now translated into short-, mid- and long-term goals. This prioritization of topics provides the structure and foundation for the employees working on it to define concrete steps that will increase the impact of existing sustainability initiatives and pave the way for integrating new sustainability topics. 

To evaluate the company´s sustainability performance, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) serve as the framework. It is also used as a measuring tool to document and maintain accountability. Based on ESG, the LSG Group introduced People, Planet, and Prosperity as the three dimensions and core of the company´s sustainability strategy. The targets allow the LSG Group to strategically create shared value for its relevant stakeholders and make a positive impact in terms of People, Planet and Prosperity.

With the aim of embedding sustainability in every aspect of the business, leading experts and practitioners from the respective business areas have set the following targets that address the most relevant sustainability challenges and opportunities for the company.


  • Occupational Health & Safety: 100% of the company’s Customer Service Centers (CSCs) will become safer places to work by meeting their global standard safety criteria by 2030.
  • Diversity & Equal Opportunities: The LSG Group aims to achieve equal opportunities for all genders in leadership positions. The Group will double the number of women in senior leadership positions globally, aiming for 40% by 2030.
  • Working Conditions & Employer Attractiveness: 80% of the employees will consider the LSG Group a “good place to work” by 2030.


  • Emissions with Climate Effect: 50% reduction of their CO2 emissions by 2030.
  • Waste Management: 50% reduction of waste disposal to landfill by 2030.


  • Supplier Sustainability:
    • Suppliers representing 80% of their spend will meet the minimum supplier sustainability criteria by 2030.
    • 100% of their contracted suppliers will comply with their Code of Conduct and CSR compliance obligation by 2030.

“At the LSG Group, we are working toward making sustainability a part of our DNA,” said Simon Frischemeier, Head of Sustainability Management and Chief of Staff. “While this is an ongoing process, we are committed to this journey and will continue to take steps toward a more sustainable future, along with other strategic priorities like innovation and digitalization.”

“With our sustainability strategy, and the change in culture that comes with it, we are accelerating our transformation, making the company more future-proof and further orienting our portfolio toward sustainability,” added CEO Erdmann Rauer. “I would like to thank every employee who has contributed to developing our strategy and who, despite the challenging times, continue to prioritize sustainability. We still have a long way to go, but can already see the opportunities that come with focusing on sustainability and the positive impact it has across our business, as well as in collaboration with our partners.”

For more information about the LSG Group´s sustainability strategy visit the sustainability page.

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