In-vitro steak with algae? Yes please!

Study “How Germany will ‘b–eat’ in 2030” by Nestlé Future Forum

nestle_1The food industry is heading for a major revolution – How Germany will be & eat in 2030 is a look into our future eating habits, initiated by the the Nestlé Future Forum. The study focuses on how technology, mobility, health, retailing, urban planning and work will influence the food industry.

5 Future Scenarios developed by Experts

Just a few days ago the first results of the multiple co-creation phase study “How Germany will be&eat in 2030” were published by the Nestlé Future Forum.
I was really excited to see the reaction it caused in the media, because I – consumer insight and trend specialist at LSG SC – had the privilege, as one of the experts, to be part of the cross-industry expert panel. This panel developed 5 future scenarios based on the specific expertise in the area of e.g. technology, mobility, health, retail, urban planning and work.

Consumers are looking forward to the future!

Consumers were asked to rate these scenarios and their likelihood to materialize both from a qualitative as well as quantitative perspective. The good news is that the majority has a positive attitude towards the future. The scenario that was rated with the highest approval rate (65%) described a ‘Resource Friendly and Healthy Nutrition”.

Nutrition – a cultural statement

Value orientation will increase and nutrition becomes more and more a question of world view. Consumers will be demanding sustainable and healthy food. A large part of the participants is convinced that ‘what’ we eat and the ‘way’ we eat is an expression of one’s individual lifestyle and will even increasingly become a status symbol.

Technology and Innovative Food Products

Groceries will be purchased more and more online and on the other hand – onestle_3ffline – food stores will be differentiating themselves through advisory guidance and real tastings. Technical means will help to get the right nutritional values to stay healthy and fit. In addition apps will help consumers to make suitable F&B choices which – for healthy and sustainable reasons – might be the above mentioned in-vitro meat, algae and even insects!

There is no ONE Future, there are many!

That is just a small proportion of the first study results….

We, the Innovation & Product-Marketing Department at LSG Sky Chefs, develop future oriented inflight concepts that match the airline brand and their passengers’ lifestyles based on a structured process combined with consumer insight.

In this sense, we are looking forward to seeing you now and in the future(S)….

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