Future Conference 2014

future_congressAs one of the trends and innovation experts at LSG Sky Chefs I was curious to find out what was happening at this year’s “Future Congress”. The title “Think the future differently” was promising an interesting program with inspiring speeches and presentations. I joined 400 participants from Germany, Austria and Switzerland at the conference to find out.

One big topic this year was the so called “game theory”. This theory describes why playing is so important, even in the business world. With the help of games we can test certain projects and practice certain skills. For example complications and disruptions can be programmed into games to encourage problem solving. In the gaming environment people often think more freely, without the barriers they might create in everyday life. Following this theory, we can learn to think differently, which allows innovative ideas to be developed.

Working in a food related business, the presentation from future food expert Hanni Rützler* was most interesting for me. She presented insights into what our food, especially proteins, will be like in the future. Our sources of protein will need to be rethought. Today we mainly rely on eggs, fish or meat, but in the future economical and ethical considerations will drive us to look for other sources, for examples in high protein pulses, vegetables or insects. During the break all participants had the chance to get an idea what this means: I can tell you that roasted ants are much more delicious than I ever would have imagined.

*Hanni Rützler just published the Food Report 2015, for those who are interested (available only in German).

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