Culinary Trend Report 2020: Know today what will be hot tomorrow

Trend Report 2020

LSG Group’s new trend report for 2020 is even more comprehensive – and available now.

LSG Group has published the 2020 edition of its Trend Report. The full version is now available on request. Based on the latest results from market research, consumer data and evaluations of social media content, the most important development trends have been identified, analyzed and processed.

Frank Theis, Senior Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing at LSG Group, is delighted that with the 2020 edition of the Trend Report, the company tailors services and concepts to the individual brand promises of its customers. “Last year, it was already possible to add an exciting element to inflight concepts on a factual basis and from the passengers’ perspective. The new version has gained in depth and translates even better what is happening in the markets and what is important to consumers,” he says.

Trend Report 2020, Shareworthy

The LSG Group’s chefs use the Trend Report to create dishes based on market and consumer research expertise. Jan Christoph Meyer, Head of Global Product & Service Development, says: “In this way, we can help them interpret the spirit of the times perfectly with their incredible culinary skills.”

Trend Report 2020, No Plan(et) B

The results are five general market trends, so-called umbrella trends, to which 16 more specific sub-trends are assigned: “Shareworthy” describes the phenomenon of sharing culinary experiences and their aesthetics with one’s fellow human beings – via social networks, but also personally. No Plan(et) B” is about the growing awareness of sustainability, which goes far beyond the origin of food and the environmental friendliness of materials.

Trend Report 2020, Mindfulness

The umbrella trend “Mindfulness” revolves around the growing importance of conscious nutrition and health aspects, but also new definitions of pleasure. The rediscovery of old recipes and the tastes of childhood – coupled with new influences – are now known as “The new NostalgiX”.

Trend Report 2020, Food Technology

Behind “Food Technology” are developments that revolve around the use of IT solutions such as augmented reality and high-tech cooking methods. The Trend Report is rounded off with “Things to Watch” and trends that are in their infancy but could revolutionize the market. The trend scouts of the Innovation & Research Community keep their eyes open for what’s happening around the globe.

Trend Report 2020, Ne NostalgiX

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