Culinary Journey: Tomato Sauce

Culinary Journey: Standardization | LSG Sky Chefs BlogI sometimes joke about the number of tomato recipes we have at LSG Sky Chefs, the answer is definitely too many!

Tomato sauce is one of the most common bases used for economy class meals. Today every kitchen starts from scratch to produce the basic sauce and then adjusts it to all the different sauces needed for authentic meals.

Part of our work in the Global Culinary Leadership Team is to find solutions that provide the best possible products for our customers worldwide. And something that’s really important in our products is consistency. That’s why we’re taking a good look at our basic ingredients and considering where it would make sense to have a standard global product.

We recently brought the Global Culinary Leadership Team together for our annual Culinary Excellence Program, and used the opportunity to visit a tomato producer near Parma to find out if it is possible to create our own LSG Sky Chefs tomato base. Our product developers brought their expertise together with the heritage and local cuisine of the Italian chefs.

What an amazing result we achieved together!

We found an extremely good base, made from sun ripe tomatoes, which the producer only harvests in the months of August and September when they are at their best.

Jörg TüttelmannWe’re now working with our procurement department on offering the sauce to LSG Sky Chefs’ kitchens worldwide. We’re also looking for other products we could make available globally – I’ll keep you posted.

Culinary regards,

Jörg Tüttelmann

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