Over 75 years of culinary excellence

LSG Sky Chefs works with airlines operators to delight their passengers with exceptional food experiences.

We are industry leaders in choreographing culinary excellence for people on the go. Our food production, logistics and hospitality services are always tailored to fit every customer. Customers appreciate our wide range of products and global reach. Combined with sophisticated processes and a global network, we deliver flexible solutions with absolute reliability. This reduces complexity and allows our customers to focus on their core business.

LSG Sky Chefs delivers delicious meals with the right amount of creativity, incorporating trends and passenger requirements while meeting high-quality standards worldwide.

LSG Sky Chefs offers excellent value for money through effective sourcing of ingredients and associated services on a global scale.

LSG Sky Chefs boasts a strong worldwide network, enabling it to flexibly adapt the scale of production to changing customer needs, both locally and for the global market.

LSG Sky Chefs is known and trusted for its long-standing operational excellence and high standards, allowing it to reliably deliver under any circumstances.

LSG Sky Chefs’ proven expertise and extensive experience in all aspects of catering and hospitality means it knows how to pull together smart and practical solutions.

LSG Sky Chefs’ international team of chefs and culinary experts creates delicious meals by interpreting and combining authentic cuisine from all over the world.

Choreographing Culinary Excellence

Passion for food meets the science of production.

Culinary excellence lies at the heart of what LSG Sky Chefs does. Our global Culinary Excellence Network includes hundreds of experienced chefs from more than 50 countries, enabling us to create high-quality culinary experiences every day, all over the world.

Our Culinary Excellence Network works closely together, sharing expertise and setting trends in cuisine, food-production technology and food presentation. These internationally trained chefs are innovation leaders, interested and clued into the details of local and global trends, ingredients and flavors. Their expertise is what allows us to design high-quality and authentic menus to meet our customers’ individual needs.

The Culinary Excellence Network is accessible to all customers and will work with you to:

  • Translate your strategies into customized value-adding catering concepts
  • Benchmark your competitors to ensure your products are on brand
  • Spot and capitalize on new trends, e.g. flavors, designs and dishes
  • Organize culinary workshops to share the latest market intelligence
  • Implement special programs, e.g. menus designed by celebrity chefs

We are grateful that our commitment to culinary excellence has received strong industry recognition over the years. Showcased by winning QSAI Excellence Awards for various of our facilities around the world – including Brussels, Munich, Buenos Aires and Santiago.

Work with us to delight your passengers and customers with a new level of culinary and hospitality experience.

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