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Europe: Logistics and Operations

Network thinking for optimal operations

We’ve always been proud of our global network of production facilities, which serve our customers every day with the high quality we promise. But, as everyone in the industry knows, passenger services are constantly shifting. This requires us to provide a new operational landscape, which fits modern demands and offers our customers the flexibility and efficiency they need.

Take our operations in Europe for example, where over the last few years, we have been adapting our operational setup to achieve the right balance – from premium service to breakfast bars – depending on the service concept and customer structure, the catering operations must be able to deliver.

The strategic realignment of the Europe region will be based on greater flexibility and more of a network mentality, in short, on new cost structures and improved competitiveness as a result. These range from regional production centers, through major hub operations and smaller “light” sites with a limited offer, to airports where external partners will handle the onboard supply. Units will no longer stand in isolation and will be networked across borders. Some will also become “specialists” and take on whole areas of responsibility for their network.

The first cases of implementation of the new landscape, for example a combination of hub production and last-mile logistics in Amsterdam, have been a great success, with very positive feedback from the customer. Based on this success, we will continue to redesign our production landscape to introduce the operating model that is most appropriate for each customer in each location.

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