Bogota: all-access lounge opened

Bogota: all-access lounge opened

LSG Sky Chefs’ joint venture partner GCG Group, formerly Goddard Catering Group, operates the lounge at this South American hub.

The world-class El Dorado Lounge opened at Bogota’s El Dorado airport in December 2017. The 1,700+ square-foot luxury lounge hosts an average of 500 guests per day, and with its impressive selection of high-end services and a glittering exhibit of more than 1,200 gold artifacts, it certainly lives up to its name, “El Esplendor de ‘El Dorado‘”.

Whether guests are members of a Priority Club or simply wish to relax before a flight, the lounge is open to everyone, with non-members paying an access fee. Once inside, guests can enjoy a pay-per-service spa area, beauty salon and golf range simulator. Complimentary amenities include a snack bar, showers, piano, pool table and more. There is even a jungle-themed play area for children.

With regard to cuisine, the “golden lounge” boasts a generous complimentary snack buffet, and for an additional fee there is an all-you-can-eat buffet in the dining area. Lounge experts from LSG Sky Chefs developed the food-and-beverage concept in conjunction with the GCG Group.

LSG Sky Chefs also provided support for operations such as the equipment and buffet setup, as well as directed all staff planning and training operations for the lounge’s diverse positions. The successful opening relied on a true partnership, with LSG Sky Chefs playing an integral role.

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