WTCE – What makes your heart beat faster?


You’re probably a big-time traveler. You’ve gone through the motions: driving to the airport, going through customs, finding your seat on the flight, grabbing your luggage upon arrival… Maybe you’re even planning on traveling a long distance to attend this year’s WTCE in Hamburg. But then again – no matter how far you’re travelling – it’s always an experience.

With the right travel experience management, continuous service accompanies you through the complete travel chain – from home to home.  This way, your trip is about enjoying the journey itself, not just reaching the destination. The world is changing, and so is the way in which we travel and see the world. In studying shifting trends and evolving consumer dispositions, our Product Marketing team is working on capturing this essence and injecting it into all that surrounds us when we’re on the go. Curious?

I was! Since my office at LSG Sky Chefs is just a short stroll from the offices of the Product Marketing team, I’ve taken the occasional detour to drop by and learn what travelling could look like when re-imagined. Stepping into their workspace, it became clear to me that a unique innovation process is taking place every step of the development process. Inspiration boards clue customers into current megatrends, and individualized concepts grow organically through a creative dialogue and meticulous collaboration. Together with customers, the team develops concepts to cover all touch-points with the passengers throughout their travels, such as the check-in procedure, lounge area, or on-board services. What sets the LSG Sky Chefs travel experience apart?

Continuous research and innovation with respect to current trends ensures that our Product Marketing team is always one step ahead. They create concepts and visions by analyzing present conditions and developing a trajectory for future developments. Megatrends like mobility, health, ecology, individuality, connectivity, and urbanization are studied and incorporated into the development of concepts individualized to the customer’s needs.

Come check out the Travel Experience display at the expo to find out and see for yourself! We’re excited to show you what travelling could be like the LSG Sky Chefs way.

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