WTCE 2019: The best moments at the LSG Group’s booth

There were many snapshots taken at the WTCE that we do not want to withhold from you. Have a look at some of our most memorable moments at this year’s LSG Group booth.

“Look, a paparazzi!” (Jean-Claude Dichtl and Christian Ax)
Congratulations to the Award Winners! Erdmann Rauer, LSG Group (third from the left), and Lorenzo Stoll, SWISS (in the center)
Evertaste celebrating its one-year anniversary. Happy birthday, Team Evertaste!
Nisa Philips welcoming our guests with a smile
Erdmann Rauer (left) and Florian von Oertzen (right) talking about this year’s trade show
Sometimes you just need a hug: Jochen Müller and Silke Hoßner
Alex Appel, our communications expert, on the lookout for something tasty
Camera on! Tim von Danwitz and Grit Peschke in action
Always ready to have a good time: Bilal Ozturk
Speaking of good times: Emily Joosten and Mathieu Castex having a great time at the WTCE
Say hello to Team SPIRIANT!
Our chef Tim Hilchenbach (right), looks excited to meet star chef Harald Wohlfahrt
Annika Meininger (left) and Laura Lane (right), our marketing experts
Binoj Sebastian applauding his team

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