The 5 Tools for Managing and Monitoring Future Food Trends

five-friends-joerg-hofmann-profileWhat will we be eating in 10 years? This is an important topic for the LSG Group. Jörg Hofmann, Director Culinary Excellence Innovations & Trends, monitors the trends in this field very carefully.

Hofmann works in the Corporate Culinary Excellence division of the LSG Group. He focuses on trends in culinary products and technology. He also devises culinary concepts for customers, such as airlines, or for internal events. Hofmann himself can often be found slaving over the saucepans at trade fairs like the WTCE.

Here he introduces us to the tools of his trade:

1. Chef’s jacket and tie

five-friends-jorg-hofmann-tie“I’m a chef. My job is theoretical but also strategic. We constantly have to ask ourselves questions like: What new products could I use here and who produces them? How can we cook in a more sustainable manner, and what is the food of the future?”

2. Vessyl (cup)

“More and more often, consumers want to know what they actually have on their plates. What additives does it have? How fresh is the produce? This means complete transparency. Thanks to its special sensor technology, the cup detects what a drink contains. This is highly relevant for us as caterers.”

3. Sketchbookfive-friends-jorg-hofmann-faber-castell-color-pencil

“Each year, as a present for our customers, we create a calendar with elaborately designed pictures of food. I draw my ideas for the dishes in a sketchbook.”

4. Team photo

“Each member of our team has expertise in a different area. Together, we cover the entire culinary world – this makes the exchange of ideas particularly important.”

5. Sous vide cooker

five-friends-jorg-hofmann-sous-vide“The LSG Group has to keep up with the latest technology. The sous vide cooker is an example of pioneering preparation methods. Ingredients such as meat or fish are vacuum cooked. This technology allows us to continually improve the quality of our products.”

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