Thomas Bühner x LSG Group: Culinary Identity

In 2019, we announced the inclusion of Thomas Bühner into the LSG Group’s culinary network. Later that year, the LSG Group chefs traveled to Osnabrück, Germany to cook with the Michelin-starred chef. 

Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

A lot has changed since this series of videos were filmed. For one, there was no need for social distancing. 

Secondly, and more pressingly, the gastronomy and aviation industry look different compared to this time last year; both have been hit hard by the health crisis. 

Earlier this month, the LSG Group announced the change in strategic focus. The group now has three product lines in focus: Classic Catering (core business), Onboard Retail Programs and New Business Models, IT & Platform. 

Despite all that, culinary remains an important pillar of the company. The renewed focus on digitalization goes hand-in-hand with culinary to provide our customers and their passengers with the best service possible. 

In this new video series, we explore the close partnership between acclaimed chef Thomas Bühner and our chefs. It touches on some aspects of what makes a successful chef, and we begin with a culinary identity. 

*Disclaimer: this video was filmed in 2019 before the COVID-19 pandemic.

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