Airline catering concept meals: The LSG Group’s fine-dining menu for WTCE 2023

Sebastian Schäfer and his Culinary Excellence Team created a range of concept dishes that might just be the future of airline catering. One menu features the LSG Group’s partner products – so Barilla, NotCo and Cuisine Solutions along with Kaelis’ equipment -, the other one is completely vegan.


The Vegan Menu: An indulgence from root to leaf

The secret to excellent vegan cuisine: It’s not just the vegetable, it’s what you make of it. Each dish revolves around just one vegetable, prepared in surprisingly many ways and combined with a fruit or nut. The idea behind this display of sheer versatility was to show that vegan ingredients can make for a complete dish.

When sustainability is key, ingenuity is too. Our principle: to use all edible components of a plant-based ingredient. The result: endless possibilities to prepare and enjoy vegan meals. Indulge in the extraordinary versatility in look, consistency and – of course – taste.

The Partnership Menu: Partnerships for excellence

The quality of the ingredients determines the quality of the dish. This is why we choose our partners carefully. Their extraordinary products, combined with our culinary excellence are the best pre-conditions to fulfilling our vision of outstanding creations and to leave memorable impressions.

With partnerships in focus at this year’s WTCE, we invited NotCo, Cuisine Solutions, Barilla and Kaelis to talk about our collaboration. Sebastian Schäfer and his Culinary Excellence team reveal what will be on the menu in Hamburg. 

This menu highlights three of our partners: Barilla is the manufacturer of finest Italian pasta, including the new Al Bronzo series with durum wheat and high-quality proteins. Cuisine Solutions are specialists in perfectly cooked proteins, sauces and vegetables. NotCo delivers the taste of animal products without using animal products. Sustainable and delicious.

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