Summer Culinary Trends

During the summer months, especially, I prefer to eat something light and fresh than in the dark, cold days of winter. So the new trend of fruit & veggie beverages fits perfectly in my plan to enjoy a nice, healthy dinner with a twist. Which culinary trends are you likely to partake in this summer? Read what I have to say about the latest culinary and cultural phenomena likely to “pop up” during your travels this season.

Mobile Hospitality: As the world becomes ever-mobile, travelers continue to re-define eating “on-the-go”. What started with food trucks has evolved to become a high-class phenomenon, from pop-up restaurants a la Pret a Diner to mobile kitchens complete with foldable wooden tables and chairs serving intimate groups of diners, wherever and with whomever they please.

Fruit & Veggie Beverage Pairings: A new breed of menu pairings has emerged in the form of one’s favorite organic fruit or vegetable – or both – in a glass. The trend invites curious guests to discover fresh, non-alcoholic tastes with their meals as a fancy alternative to sparkling water or wine.

New Values in Dining: As part of a wider movement towards more casual, less white-tablecloth dining experiences – new values are emerging among restaurant guests. The trend is manifested in the growth of communal dining options at fine restaurants, where guests increasingly prefer the “comfort” of dining with others. In addition, there is a new appreciation for the quality of the food that is being served, with diners attaching greater importance to where the food comes from as opposed to the overall restaurant setting.

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