Soccer World Cup excitement spices up KLM menus

The upcoming World Cup in Brazil is generating a great deal of excitement in the airline industry, as carriers will be providing the major mode of transportation for teams and fans alike. That is why KLM sought to collaborate with a well-known Brazilian chef and LSG Sky Chefs to create their new line of menus just in time for this global event. The menus are inspired by the host country’s unique cuisine.

The chef, Rodrigo Oliveira, owns the famous Mocotó restaurant in São Paulo. In 2012, he was named chef of the year by a major local trade publication for his simple northern Brazilian cuisine. Based on his background, KLM decided that he would be the right person to design their new onboard menus out of Brazil.

KLM asked LSG Sky Chefs to be a partner on this project and work with Chef Oliveira. While Chef Oliveira brings his experience in interpreting and creating Brazilian specialties to the project, LSG Sky Chefs brings its expertise in adapting signature dishes to be served onboard.

Of course, as interpreters of the chef’s creations we have a responsibility to stay true to his ideas, which is always a challenge. As many of us know, when flying at 30 thousand feet, flavors change. That means that we have to adapt the food to that dynamic. Also, the dishes will be re-heated, which also impacts the final taste and quality. Because this environment is so unique and it requires a specific set of skills, the learning process goes both ways when we work with famous chefs like Mr. Oliveira.

This partnership resulted in four menu cycles for KLM’s Business Class (which will rotate every three months) and two for Economy (which will rotate every six months). The new menus were launched in April 2014 and will be served in all KLM flights out of Brazil for one year.

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