LSG Sky Chefs has soccer fever – an extraordinary time is coming

LSG-Sky-Chefs_Cutting-vegetablesWhile everybody is celebrating and cheering for his team, our employees in the homeland of this year’s soccer cup, Brazil, have to work and provide services for our airline customers and their passengers.

During game days, flights will increase by more than 15% over the monthly average as thousands of fans, VIPs and, of course, the soccer teams travel to Brazil. They will also need more people to offer additional logistics and services. The amount of work for six of our seven units in Brazil is increasing dramatically.

To handle this extraordinary situation in the best possible way, and to ensure the best quality in our products and services during this football craze, our employees need to sharpen their performance.

Inspired by the World Cup atmosphere, LSG Sky Chefs Brazil has developed a program to increase the motivation of our staff during match days. Each LSG Sky Chefs unit will divide their employees in teams that will compete against each other to see who has achieved the best quality and less absenteeism. The weekly winner will also receive prizes.

Certainly, our employees should also get the chance to watch all the Brazilian team matches and cheer for their country. But to avoid any issues with our services during those days, the production will be planned ahead so that they can pause during the Brazil games without affecting their output.

The World Cup is a really exciting time that also has lots of different challenges. But still, it is definitely a time to celebrate all together – let’s keep our fingers crossed that the best team may win.

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