LSG Group employee supports Hessian vaccine logistics task force

In order to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, the Hessian Ministry of the Interior and Sports created the Task Force Vaccine Logistics. It reports directly to the ministry and is also housed at the Ministry of the Interior and Sports headquarters in Wiesbaden. To meet the huge logistical demand of vaccinating six million people, the task force enlisted the administrative assistance of the Budeswehr, Germany’s armed forces.

The TFI consists of several subdivisions. TFI Logistics ensures that all 28 vaccination centers in the state of Hesse are supplied with vaccines as soon as it is available from the relevant suppliers and the federal government are adequately and punctually supplied with the necessary supplies for the vaccination process, logistically implement the policy requirements regarding vaccination, and provide data and information relevant to the vaccination process to the state government.

Appropriate planning and control of the supply chains are therefore imperative. This is where Dominic Schwarz comes in. Since the beginning of June, our Project Manager IT Deployment Supply Chain Management has been temporarily based in Wiesbaden.

Dominic Schwarz is not only a former air force transport soldier (Luftwaffentransportsoldat) and active reservist in the Bundeswehr, but he also happens to know a lot about logistics, materials management and, of course, transportation. He currently supports the TFI Logistics in controlling, scheduling and management tasks.

“I am very happy that the LSG Group has made it possible for me to join the task force as part of the Bundeswehr’s reserve exercise,” says Dominic Schwarz. “That way, I can actively contribute in the efforts to contain the COVID-19 pandemic and make the lives of my peers and colleagues freer and safer again. At the same time, my civilian training and professional experience can also benefit the Bundeswehr and the task force.”

“We are delighted about Dominic’s commitment and that we can support the state of Hesse in this way,” says Thomas Halter, Head of LSG Information Management. “Dominic is an expert in supply chain management and is responsible for SAP IT solutions in the area of materials management at our company. This makes him a good recommendation for the TFI team. When the Bundeswehr requested his support, we immediately agreed.”

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