Lounge Operations: Talking about numbers

Hey guys!

It’s me, Isabelle Mager from LSG Sky Chefs. Today, instead of working from my office, I have been visiting our facility in Mörfelden, Germany.

Did you know that we use this facility as a central storehouse for Frankfurt Airport?

LSG Sky Chefs BLog | LoungeIn order to ensure that our products are delivered with high quality freshness every day, we need a well-functioning supply chain. That is where our central warehouse in Mörfelden comes into play. Our Lounge Managers use our central warehouse to order their exact needs and ensure that their products are freshly delivered to them daily.

LSG Sky Chefs BLog | Lounge | Mörfelden | Constantin Goldberg | Talking about numbersAt Mörfelden, the Store Leader bundles the orders for our selected merchants and prepares them for the next day’s delivery. Each delivery, including all food and drinks, is checked, repackaged, backed-up, picked and prepared to ensure a quick and fresh distribution to our lounges.

Every year in the central warehouse our ten employees, in combination with the gate service, move several tons of food and beverages for more than 3.5 million guests, including:

  • 201,199 liters of beer
  • 65,088 kilos of scrambled eggs
  • 41,699 kilos of sausages
  • 40,979 kilos of potato salad
  • 19,295 kilos of Leberkäs (specialty German meat product)

That’s quite a lot food and beverage when you consider that it is just for our lounge service! What do you think?

Best regards,

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