“Let’s talk Premium!” How Culinary sets the course for the future

The Global Culinary Leadership Team (GCLT) recently met at the organic farm Domäne Mechthildshausen in Hesse, Germany to shape the culinary future of the LSG Group. On the agenda of the Global Culinary Excellence Leadership Team (GCLT) meeting was a whole series of hot topics. One particularly important one: the culinary understanding of premium. Jörg Hofmann (Head of Global Culinary Excellence, LSG Group) discussed with the experts how this claim could be translated into the daily work of the LSG Group in the future. In particular, the focus was on how the defined premium attributes can be rolled out globally and transferred into the group’s product development. A big advantage was that all attributes can be applied to different situations, target groups and classes. These were developed and sketched for the first time at an interdisciplinary design thinking workshop in spring 2019, and will now begin its implementation.

The GCLT at Domäne Mechthildshausen (Germany)

The meeting took place in an extraordinary and exciting place, the Domäne Mechthildshausen. Regarding why and how they chose the location, Jörg Hofmann explains: “Chefs are unique. We’re not the simplest of people, and we sometimes have an atypical resume or a certain edginess about us, so the philosophy of Domäne Mechthildshausen immediately appealed to me! Here, young people who have taken an unfortunate turn at a young age are given a second chance through hands-on learning with an apprenticeship, whether in the service or culinary sector. I was very pleased to be able to show my colleagues this special place.”

A culinary highlight was also served at the end. Together with Thomas Bühner’s team, the chefs were able to let off steam in the kitchen and conjure up outstanding creations together. A fitting way to end the three-day meeting – with a three-star chef.

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