“Human-Centered Design for Innovation”

Last month I participated in a workshop to learn more about the discipline of “Human-Centered Design for Innovation”. The challenge: How to translate Consumer Insight into the “right” products and services! Which methods can be applied to generate a consumer relevant and desirable service, product or experience?

Of course we started with the Consumer Insight research part, followed by the part “Understanding the various needs of the different stakeholders”. Next step was to co-create with the participants from across various branches and to really “produce” scenario concepts. One of the many tasks was to develop a product that integrates new functionality within an existing car radio system …!

Clear defined Methods

Workshop London SunbulWhat made it special were the different purpose built methods in each of the 3 step process to create these concepts. These methods were created by the LUMA Institute which is a global network of innovation experts. In each step there were various categories to match the required task. Throughout all stages the “human centered aspect” was always in our focus. Furthermore we were encouraged to “visualize our thinking” wherever possible, so we drew, painted, built and tinkered to gain additional brownie points (!) for the developed scenario.

Visual Thinking

This “manufactural” approach made the concept very tangible and what is more, much easier to convey to the other workshop participants. The clear defined methods and the concrete pragmatic approach combined with the visualization technique revealed some inspiring concepts.

Innovation Process at LSG Sky Chefs

The Innovation and Product Marketing Team at LSG Sky Chefs uses related tools within our proprietary development process. As we are always seeking to improve, I was happy to learn more about the thought through methods in the workshop at PDD a Design and Innovation Consultancy in London. Our claim is creating a truly desirable travel experience and that means tailoring the journey for the traveling individual in perfect match with the airline brand.

Think visual & stay inspired.

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