How the LSG Group’s and Retail inMotion’s Pre-Order, Order-2-Seat and Home Delivery solutions work

How about offering passengers exactly what they want at every stage of their journey? The LSG Group’s and Retail inMotion’s fully integrated Pre-Order solutions make it possible.

PRE-FLIGHT. Before the flight, passengers can order the food they desire, including Indian curry, healthy bowls or kids’ meals, through a seamlessly embedded system within the flight booking and check-in processes.

The flight can be individualized easily and intuitively. For example, you can enjoy wine from a higher booking class. The airline can increase its revenue by selling additional products, optimize its loading, prevent food waste and increase passenger satisfaction.

Thanks to our fully integrated solution, your passengers can finally get exactly the product they really want on the flight. With Pre-Select, your passengers can also choose the food that is included with the ticket price.

INFLIGHT. Onboard, you can order via the screen in front of you or your own device with Order 2 Seat. Even boutique items like fragrances, sunglasses and jewelry that can then be paid for directly onboard via app or credit card. The concept also works for digital magazines.

POST-FLIGHT. If the wine you tasted onboard was so good that you want to buy a bottle to enjoy at home, you can order it directly via the platform and have it delivered.

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