Global Food Myths #3: Is mango and milk a harmful combination?

William Marques, Global Food Myths #3, Mango, Milk

LSG Group experts clarify food myths from around the world – Episode 3 is about mangoes, milk and Brazilian superstitions.

Yoghurt with mango is available in almost every supermarket in Europe, Asia and North America. In Brazil, however, some people are afraid of this combination. They believe that the sweet fruit in combination with milk or dairy products would cause health problems. William Marques, sous chefs at LSG Sky Chefs in São Paulo, knows the background to superstition.

“Some Brazilians are convinced, but it’s complete nonsense,” explains Marques. “On the contrary, the combination of mango and milk is delicious. The myth originated in the times of slavery in Brazil from the 16th to the 19th century. At that time it was customary to nourish serfs mainly with mangos because the fruits were abundant and therefore cheap.

Milk, on the other hand, was extremely expensive. “So the slave owners wanted to prevent the slaves from drinking any of it. They deliberately spread the rumor that it was harmful to health and a true poison to eat mangoes and milk together,” Marques knows. “The myth has remained in Brazilian society to this day.”

The “Global Food Myths” is an ongoing series. We will drill down on a specific urban legend about food, drinks or table culture every Friday. Stay tuned for more!

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