Global Culinary Excellence Academy: The 3 Winning Menus

If our chefs know anything, it’s how to cook well – and that much was proven at the Global Culinary Excellence Academy Finale in November 2018.

Even with specific challenge requirements, our students not only managed to excel, but surprise the jury too. Armed with the same, standard set of ingredients, the candidates were tasked with creating dishes for one of four demographics: The Silver Society (people above 60-years-old), millennials, leisure travellers and frequent flyers.

On top of that, each group had to ensure their menu items were on theme; some had to deconstruct their dishes, reimagining a traditional meal that most would be familiar with, while others had to serve a menu that consisted of street food, fancy and global meals.

So what does it take to stand out? According to Chef Bill Gillen, Director Culinary Excellence NAM, it’s all about adding an unexpected twist that elevates the presentation of the dish. Which was exactly what Clinton Johnston (Dallas, USA), Joey Markey (Dallas, USA) and Ivari Kuimet (Tallinn, Estonia) did. With a deconstructed arancini, a deconstructed beef dish and a reinvented Harvard Beet Cake that, as Chef Bill says, “could easily be served in first class”, these three students were awarded the top three candidates.

But we don’t want to give it all away – watch for yourself in the video.

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