Get ready to explore new horizons in 2018

Every year brings a new challenge and 2018 will be no different. Only next year, we’re bringing you behind the scenes for LSG Group’s annual calendar as we broaden our horizons.

What is this calendar, you ask? Each year, LSG Group prepares an exclusive, limited edition calendar that features incredible food photography. (If you’re interested to find out more, you can read all about how much effort and planning goes into just one picture here, where we spoke to Chef Jörg Hofmann, Manager of Culinary Excellence.)

This year, we’ve challenged ourselves to reach even further and our chefs truly outdid themselves. With Chef Jörg Hofmann at the helm, a team of four chefs from four different countries reinvented familiar cocktails, deconstructed traditional dishes and even styled frozen beef.

calendar teaser_blog_BTS“The meals are designed to reflect the entire LSG world,” said Jörg Hoffman. “You can also genuinely fly all of the meals that are being represented. Authenticity is important to us. So, our Indian colleague prepared Indian food and the Mexican chef Mexican. We tried to cover all of the regions in which the LSG Group is present.”

From boeuf bourguignon to chaat platters and shrimp ceviche, we’ll be showing you just what goes on in a nine-day photoshoot.

Watch how our LSG Group chefs reach new horizons by working with SPIRIANT, Retail inMotion and LSG Sky Chefs to create a truly exquisite piece. And stay tuned, because we’ll be bringing you more videos each month!

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