Environmental Management: Water – a resource we need to use carefully!

So far I have talked about the basic cornerstones of our environmental care program in my blog posts, for example about our Annual Report and our Manual, which support our facilities around the globe in all aspects of Environmental Management.

In my next posts I would like to show you the variety of projects we have in place, which contribute to reducing our eco footprint.

LSG_Sky_Chefs_dishwasherI’ll start with our dishwashers. They use a lot of water, energy and chemicals, so we focus on managing them well to ensure a positive impact both on the environment and our cost balance.

To help us do this, we designed SIMBA, a software tool that supports us in controlling and managing our dishwashers by measuring their energy, water, chemical use and temperature. The software is able to capture data at 16 different points throughout the dishwashing cycle and sends the information in real-time to our intranet. If defined target values are exceeded, the system alerts the designated operator or technician who can then quickly react to the deviation. After the tool was first used, there were immediate reductions in energy, water and chemicals.

Today, SIMBA is being used at 65 LSG Sky Chefs facilities around the world. The system also got an upgrade in the form of a special device to measure the efficiency of the belt loading. Hence, the capacity utilization of the machines can be monitored and adjusted if necessary.

Did you know, that LSG Sky Chefs in Germany has more than 40 dishwasher lines, each one between 10 and 14 meters long?

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Walter has been with LSG Sky Chefs for almost three decades. He first started in operations as Group Manager Maintenance Frankfurt. Since 1993, Walter has been developing and implementing LSG Sky Chefs’ comprehensive Environmental Management System – making him the company’s unrivaled expert for all green topics. Walter is always keen to collaborate with colleagues from all around the globe, supporting them in their daily work, jointly developing new ideas or consulting them on specific questions and respective tools. His favorite leisure activity is sailing – escaping the routine and enjoying nature to recharge his batteries and find new ideas.

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