How to enhance personal well-being during a flight

“There is a strong rising trend of travelers who seek to define their personal well-being along their journey.” – Sunbul Dubuni, Expert Consumer Insight, LSG Group.

For frequent travelers, it can be difficult to match a healthy lifestyle with onboard conditions and time differences.  That is why we gathered a group of experts from the areas of culinary excellence, nutritional science and air travel to design an inflight menu that helps you do just that: FlyYourVeda®.

In our interview with nutritionist Bernadette Murg, we already introduced FlyYourVeda® to you.

In a nutshell?

FlyYourVeda dish

FlyYourVeda  is a new inflight menu concept that accurately responds to the body’s demands during a flight. Adapted for onboard conditions, the menus are based on easily digestible, nutritious, high quality food. The concept was developed by the LSG Group Culinary Excellence team and translated into LSG Sky Chefs “activating” or “relaxing” inflight menus. FlyYourVeda allows you to pursue a healthy lifestyle even during long-haul flights and supports your wellbeing on board in the best possible way. Find out more about the activating and relaxing menus in this video!

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