A Day in the Life of a Trolley at LSG Sky Chefs

When you’re looking down the aisle counting the number of passengers yet to be served before it’s your turn, the last thing you’re probably noticing is that trolley your chicken or pasta is being transported in. While we agree that it’s really what’s on the inside that counts, think about this: how can all that food get into that trolley and on that tray in front of you?
Let’s rewind a couple hours and go back down to earth: to one of our LSG Sky Chefs customer service centers. We’re at the inbound ramp, waiting to receive the used trolleys coming back from the airport. Once they arrive, the trolleys are brought into the facility and sorted.

Then it’s time for a quick shower. The trolleys are emptied out and move on to the washing area, where they follow a systemized cleaning cycle. In the meantime, trays and other equipment are also washed, and sorted into bins. When the empty trolleys are ready, the prepared trays can be loaded in.

When the food trolleys are packed and ready to go, the content is cooled to comply with food lsg-sky-chefs-trolleyssafety standards. The trolleys are then brought to the outbound ramp, where they meet up with other trolleys carrying beverages or on-board equipment.

Now it’s time to go. Everything is systemized and moves quickly. A truck brings the trolleys to the airport and loads them on the plane, where they are then locked away and secured in position for take-off. The trolleys set off on another adventure – where will they go next?

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