Culinary Journey: Quick Service

In the past the answer for quick service was fast food. A burger, some fries and a soft drink – take-away or eating in? We all are very familiar with the procedures of ordering fast food. Why do we like it? It’s easy and tasty, does not take long, is available 24/7 – and sometimes we just need it!


For me the term “quick service” describes a global food trend which is already popular and will become even more popular, as eating fast food nowadays does not necessarily mean eating something unhealthy. Sushi chains, salad bars, soup shops – today, the quick service is much more that a burger or a pizza. Those eateries often focus on fresh, healthy, sometimes even organic products, which are sourced locally. Most importantly, the offering can be customized according to the needs and wishes of the consumer and are available at once.

We see this development in our daily lives – and also in the airline catering industry. The service needs to be faster than the customers’ consumption of the prepared food. The customer – in our case the passengers on board an aircraft – wants to be served as rapidly as possible. And the food should not compromise on quality, consistency, taste and look. A challenge we face and a challenge we take!

Quick service – a trend to be continued!

Culinary regards


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